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In an increasingly competitive digital landscape, staying ahead demands not just visibility, but a strategic approach to conversion. Gas-Tec, a renowned gas boiler installation company, recognized this need and turned to Simplicity PPC management to fuel their growth. This case study explores the transformational journey of Gas-Tec, highlighting the pivotal role of targeted PPC strategies in driving exceptional outcomes.

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About Gas-Tec

Gas-Tec, with over 20 years of expertise in the industry, has been at the forefront of providingthe best gas boiler installation services across Fife and Perth. Known for their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, they have built a reputation for excellence. Despite their success, Gas-Tec sought to expand their reach and enhance their market presence, necessitating a strategic pivot towards advanced digital marketing solutions.

The Challenge

The primary challenge faced by Gas-Tec was breaking through the clutter of the digital space to reach potential customers effectively. Despite having a strong service offering, Gas-Tec struggled to achieve the desired visibility and engagement needed to drive conversions. They aimed to not only increase website traffic but also to solidify their footprint in Fife and Perth locations, which required a nuanced understanding of their target audience and the competitive landscape.

Our Approach

Simplicity PPC management stepped in with a comprehensive strategy tailored to Gas-Tec’s specific needs. Our approach was multi-faceted, focusing on:

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Key Features

Audience Analysis:

Understanding the demographics, interests, and behaviours of potential customers to target them more effectively.

Keyword Optimization:

Implementing data-driven keyword strategies to improve ad relevance and search ranking.

Ad Customization:

Crafting persuasive and informative ads that resonate with the audience, emphasizing personal growth and the benefits of choosing Gas-Tec for boiler installations.

Continuous Landing Page and Ad Optimisation:

Ensuring a seamless user experience from click to conversion, with clear calls-to-action and benefits highlighted. Leveraging analytics to refine our approach, optimising for performance and cost-efficiency.

The Launch


The collaboration between Gas-Tec and Simplicity’s PPC management, Website Updates and Design yielded remarkable outcomes:

These results underscore the importance of a strategic marketing strategy in achieving measurable business growth. For Gas-Tec, partnering with Simplicity was not just about enhancing online visibility; it was a pivotal step towards realizing their growth potential and continuing to serve their communities with unparalleled expertise in gas boiler installations.

By leveraging the power of accessible, psychology-based education in our campaigns, we’ve made complex decisions simpler for homeowners and businesses alike, encouraging them to take the next step in their personal growth and development with Gas-Tec. Through clear language, persuasive techniques, and a focus on conveying benefits, we’ve successfully translated clicks into conversions, demonstrating the effectiveness of our approach and the lasting impact of our partnership with Gas-Tec.

Key Success Metrics

Over 1,000 Conversions:

A testament to the effectiveness of our targeted approach, driving significant action from potential customers.

40% Increase in Website Traffic:

Demonstrating the power of optimized ads and keywords in improving visibility and attracting a larger audience.

Growth Across Fife and Perth:

Solidifying Gas-Tec's presence in key markets, contributing to their expansion and reinforcing their brand as a leader in gas boiler installations.

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