Maloco Mowatt Parker Case Study

Re-brand marks a new era for Maloco Mowat Parker

As Michael Maloco steps back, Laura and Stacey’s re-brand of Maloco Mowat Parker signals a move towards a more modern, customer-focused strategy. This refresh injects new life into the brand, blending contemporary trends with its traditional values. By merging creativity, careful planning, and teamwork, the re-brand aims to retain current customers and appeal to a fresh audience excited about the new Maloco Mowat Parker experience.

Services Used

  • Re-branding
  • |
  • Signage Design & Print
  • |
  • Photography & Video
  • |
  • Printed Materials
  • |
  • Website Development
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The re-brand for Maloco Mowat Parker symbolizes a transformative shift as Laura and Stacey assume leadership from Michael Maloco. Our comprehensive services encompassed re-branding strategies, innovative signage solutions, captivating photography, bespoke printed materials, and a cutting-edge website redesign, all tailored to embrace the essence of this new chapter.

Key Features

Brand Identity Revamp

The brand identity revamp showcases a modern aesthetic that seamlessly weaves together tradition and innovation.

Website Redesign

The website redesign offers a user-centric experience with enhanced functionality and visually captivating design elements. With a central focus on pulling live properties into the website.

Updated Signage

The updated signage exudes sophistication and clarity, reinforcing Maloco Mowat Parker's brand presence across all touchpoints.

Printed Materials

Printed materials embody a tactile elegance, elevating the brand's communication collateral to new heights of visual appeal and professionalism.

The Launch

The re-brand for Maloco Mowat Parker under Laura and Stacey’s leadership showcases a seamless blend of tradition and innovation, setting the stage for continued growth and success in the market. Successfully transitioned brand identity to resonate with the new leadership team which has received some strong praise and feedback.

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