Superlean Case Study

Superlean – Branding, Meal Ordering System & E-Commerce Website Build

As we have launched Super Lean’s new brand, we wanted to share some of the exciting work and results we’ve delivered so far.

Super Lean, a meal prep is represented by a roster of amazing athletes and supplies businesses around Scotland.

Services Used

  • Web Design & Development
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  • SEO
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  • Graphic Design
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  • Video & Animation


When Super Lean approached Simplicity they wanted to grow and develop their brand and launch their products throughout the UK. Their brand was still in its infancy and you could tell they had built their website and designed all of their branding themselves. They wanted to take their business to the next level and beyond through tailored digital marketing techniques, sleek design and high-quality photography and videography. We took over their incumbent website and completely rebuilt it and devised a digital marketing strategy that was based on deep-dive analysis, competitor research and our extensive e-commerce experience.

Key Challenges:

Super Lean faced several challenges in their journey towards success. Firstly, their website was outdated and lacked UX design and e-commerce functionality. They also struggled to attract the right audience and generate sufficient organic traffic to their website. Additionally, they faced stiff competition from other meal prep companies in their local market, and it was becoming increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd. To add to their woes, their paid advertisement campaigns were not yielding the desired results.

Our Approach:

At Simplicity, we approached Super Lean’s challenges with a clear strategy and plan.

  • First, we overhauled their brand with a sleek new design aesthetic and modern feel.
    Next, we rebuilt their website, incorporating modern design with e-commerce functionality and an easy-to-navigate user interface.
  • We then continually optimised their website for organic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to improve their search engine rankings in the local area ranking above key competitors like Savage Kitchen.

Our Videography team worked with Super Lean to plan engaging reel content with trending music and video styles.

Our photography team had monthly shoots to take all product photos and any new menu meal photos.

  • Our social media team worked on creating engaging content, running targeted ad campaigns and creating a unique brand voice that set Super Lean apart from its competitors. – – Our paid ads team created and ran strategic campaigns targeting highly relevant keywords, optimising ad spend, and boosting conversions.
Superlean Logo

Key Features

Responsive Website Design

Branding Concepts

The Launch


There was a marked improvement in Super Lean’s digital footprint and business metrics after our engagement. Their website sales revenue increased by 300% in the first two months, and their website traffic also increased by over 150%. Our organic SEO efforts resulted in a 200% increase in organic traffic. Our paid advertisements were profitable, yielding a high ROI. Our social media campaigns drove brand awareness and customer engagement, resulting in a 35% increase in social media followers.

Next Steps:

Despite the success achieved so far, we are not stopping there.

We’re continuously investing new ideas and techniques into Super Lean’s campaigns to make sure they continue to be a huge success.

We provide weekly/monthly reporting that showcases the campaign metrics – these stats enable us to keep pushing ahead by informing our next move and allowing us to make calculated recommendations that generate a tangible ROI.

Our next steps for Super Lean include continued optimisation of their website, diversification of paid advertising channels, creating location-specific content to capture local searches, and working on their email marketing funnel to improve retention and repeat purchases.


At Simplicity, we have demonstrated our expertise in bringing digital marketing success stories for multiple businesses, with Super Lean being a prime example. We took Super Lean’s challenges head-on and implemented a clear and actionable strategy to deliver results that mattered. Our approach to digital marketing is strategic, data-driven, and holistic, which ensures long-term success for our clients. If you’re a business owner or a marketing manager looking for a trusted digital marketing partner, Simplicity is here to help! Let’s grab a chat.

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