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The brief was simple….’we want a robot as our mascot?’

Services Used

    • Graphic Design
    • Animation
    • Printing Services
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    Simplicity Marketing was given the brief to be as creative as they could with our clients up and coming AI guide.  Now we all know the world of IT is not the sexiest topic in the world but when you are talking about AI and we have free range to hand draw and animate a Robot, you just know it is going to be a good project.


    Key Features

    Robot Creation

    The client sent across a list of key topics that the printed booklet would be based on.  Our creative team then sat down and after getting sign-off on the basic robot character we used this as the basis to be as creative as possible in order to make the robot come alive and showcase what each chapter was about.

    Printed Booklets

    We then got the final booklet printed based on a 24pp silk material print run.  This was used at a large corporate AI event down in London.

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