Exactive to Gamma Rebrand

Gamma acquires Exactive, a leading provider of Microsoft focused Unified Communications solutions. Following the acquisition, it feel on the shoulders of Simplicity Marketing, who had been the Marketing Agency of choice for over 8 years to work on carrying out and implementing the re-branding and position of Exactive new name and look.

Services Used

    • Branding
    • Graphic Design
    • Web Design & Development
    • Social Media
  • ExactivetoGamma

    The decision was made that this process would take a 12-month period.  During this period the Exative name would remain, but the branding style, look and feel would match that of Gamma PLC.

    The process began by creating a marketing vault where all documents from pricing templates, quote templates, PPT decks, email signatures, data sheets all went into a secure location that allowed all the Exactive staff to access, but also gave quality control over the project.


    Key Features

    Branding Look & Feel

    All social media and graphic work adopted the Gamma purple with a hint of the old Exactive green used as the key Call to Action for events and directing people to the website.

    Video Production

    To help fuse the two brands together we also launched a new set of icons that would sit well for both brands but also for each company as a stand-alone, to begin with during the transition period.

    The Launch

    The team at Simplicity Marketing worked hard on this project in order to meet the deadline for having all items re-branded before the full company was adopted under the Gamma PLC brand name.

    “Simplicity Marketing has provided ongoing marketing support for Exactive for many years and we’ve been very impressed by their professionalism, responsiveness, and creativity. It wasn’t long before they felt like part of our team and we established an excellent working relationship. I enjoy working with them and seeing the end results!” Scott Millar – Managing Director

    Key Success Metrics

    Marketing vault

    Brand Guidelines

    New Website

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