Little Peas Pram Shop – Web Design and Build

Alan from Little Peas was facing a major problem like many classic retailers over the past few years. With restrictions coming into play and a drop in shop footfall.  His reputation in the marketing place was very well known as a leading car seat expert but is retail shop was just a single location with no online presence based in Dunfermline.  He had one major objective, get his business online and take advantage of UK wide sales.

Services Used

    • Web Design & Development
    • SEO
    • Google PPC
    • Social Media
  • Little Peas Pram Shop - Web Design and Build

    We kick-started this project with a detailed UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) roadmap.  The main purpose of this was to place a focus on how his shoppers would expect to use the website.  This then highlighted 2 key components of the website, how the users search for things and how the users can filter for things.

    Along with this, we built into his website a Point of Sale system that will allow for his new retail shop (opening 2023) to seamlessly sync into his stock management tool on the website. This not only will save the client time but most importantly future investment as we have handled this all for him with a future-proof system.


    Key Features

    Website Search Navigation

    We deployed an excellent search navigation tool that allows users to simply start typing in their product and it not only showcases their key products, but also anything that is similar or even anything that Little Peas decides to tag as a top seller.

    Website Megamenu

    When it comes to User Experience we also wanted to allow shoppers to navigate with ease using the traditional menu navigation.  With a nice looking Mega Menu we created an enjoyable experience for the users to locate the category of their choice and see the leading brands available to them.

    The Launch


    The team at Simplicity Marketing was proud of this project and the client has been delighted with the continued service that we provide them.

    “When I approached Simplicity Marketing I had heard of their positive reputation. However, the way they processed my requirements and the website they have delivered – along with all the other marketing services they do for me such as Google Ads, Social Media Management. I can not recommend this company enough.”  – Alan Peacock, Little Peas Pram Shop

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