Zinwave Branding & Strategy

We got approached by Zinwave who was having some major brand identity and consistency issues.  Everything was mixed up and using different logo styles, colours along with tone of voice and communication consistency issues. Their product offering is very complex and our first job was to get a good understanding of what Zinwave core offering was along with who their target market was.  This was essential as in order to manage any form of strategy or branding exercise it all begins with understanding the client and the consumer.

Services Used

    • Branding
    • Graphic Design
    • Web Design & Development
    • Social Media
    • Video / Animation
    • Google PPC
    • Print Management
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    Our brief was simple, deploy a clear brand guideline that would become standardise across the business. With this being a global business with staff all around the World, we knew it was bigger than just designing a nice PPT and business card.  We immediately implemented a marketing vault that would become the only place that all staff would get access to for all forms of templates from quotes to invoices, PPT and also email templates.  By using this vault, we immediately saw a consistency come back and with a website rebrand and build, along with email signatures and a clean-up of all consumer facing profiles such as social media and group forums we successfully got them back on track and still manage all their marketing activities to date.

    Key Features

    Branding Look & Feel

    After a defined profile of clients had been identified we realised quickly that the clear CTA was all about the 'How to build a DAS solution' which we built as both an interactive item on the website but also as an animated video.

    Video Production

    Across PPT and Data Sheets along with some historic marketing communication, there was a mix of old logos, icons, and colours.  We collated them all and made a marketing vault that will house all this key info to bring a professional level of consistency.

    The Launch

    “Before reaching out to Simplicity Marketing we had a pick-n-mix of marketing collateral.  The professionalism that has been shown to educate the Zinwave team World Wide from UK, to Singapore and USA has helped us all bring a level of consistency meaning we are all using the same word, excel, and power point templates.” Derek Paton – New Business Director

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