What do you do?


Whether you’re at a networking meeting or making a new friend in the supermarket, you’re bound to be asked ‘what do you do?’

When this has happened to us in the past, we used to respond with a very generic ‘elevator pitch’ such as Simplicity Marketing is marketing agency for small to medium sized businesses, doing the kind of tasks that an internal marketing team would do – which is very true, but given that the word ‘marketing’ covers a myriad of activities it can leave the inquirer wanting more, and rightly so!

We do many different of things within the skill set of our team, so now when we’re asked this question, we deliver the elevator pitch but also try and add something more specific.  For example;

This past week I jazzed up some proposals for a sports livestreaming company” or “I designed and scheduled email campaigns/newsletters for a local charity.

This approach not only makes us sound a tad more interesting, but it can spark off possible ideas of how the potential client might be able to use our services.

We keep our clients happy by delivering a fast, affordable and professional service that meets their specific needs.

Do you need help with marketing or know anyone who does? If so, let’s talk!

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